Major strides for Gateway Adelphia pipeline project

New Jersey Resources (NJR) recently announced their Adelphia Gateway pipeline project: 84 miles of 18-inch pipeline running from Lehigh County to Delaware County, PA.

This pipeline development will move natural gas to what is considered an underserved market in southeastern Pennsylvania. The development is likely to improve the availability and reliability of gas service to the Greater Philadelphia region.

NJR’s Adelphia Gateway project will repurpose the southern 50-mile portion of this existing pipeline to flow natural gas to the region’s consumer market.

“With the growing demand for clean, low-cost natural gas, Adelphia Gateway will play a pivotal role in delivering much needed supply to customers in the Philadelphia market, as well as providing value for our company and shareowners,” said Steve Westhoven, Senior Vice President of NJR Midstream, a subsidiary of NJR, in the press release. “Today, the Philadelphia market is constrained with limited access to affordable energy sources. With the Adelphia Gateway project, we look forward to applying our market expertise to serve customers and support economic development opportunities in the region.”

Because this innovative approach utilizes an existing infrastructure, it requires minimal new construction or impact to the environment, and can expedite the time to market. This development also enhances attraction for manufacturers and other industries that require access to consistent gas supply.