What Philadelphia Needs to Keep Moving Forward

Everyone knows the story of Philadelphia’s resurgence over the past few decades; the city transitioned from a ghost town with a declining population, making a 180 the mid-2000s to produce the highest growth rate of millennials of the top US metro areas in 2015.

But are we moving fast enough? The answer is no. The city’s job growth rate is at 1.1 percent, far behind other large metropolitan areas as well as the national average of 2.8.

“I think what we need now is a fresh approach,” said Councilman Allan Domb in a Philadelphia Magazine article that outlined 10 ideas that could help Philadelphia ramp up growth. “We need to look at every process, everything we do, and say: If we didn’t do it this way, if we started fresh today, how would we do it now? Otherwise, everything is just a Band-Aid. And 60 years of Band-Aids doesn’t work.”

The article outlines different ideas that Philadelphia needs to take in order to save itself from decline:

  • Treat the jobs issue like the crisis it is
  • Be friendlier to businesses, both small mom-and-pop shops and corporations alike
  • Overhaul city taxes
  • Make modernization of transit and infrastructure a priority
  • Have public-private partnerships focus on schools
  • Establish collaboration and communication between government, nonprofits and businesses
  • Market Philadelphia far and wide as the best place to live, work, play and do business
  • Leverage the strong presence of eds and meds
  • Take ideas of how to grow from other cities and use them here

Although Philadelphia has made immense strides over the years, we still aren’t growing fast enough. Corporations, nonprofits, small businesses and government must unite in order to move forward together.