For Morrison Boateng, Jr., a Pharmaceutical Application Scientist at Roquette, a Chamber member company, the search for a family-friendly community and a region well-equipped to advance his career led him to Greater Philadelphia.

“I grew up in Ghana, West Africa, until I was 16,” said Boateng. “Then my family and I moved to the Bronx, and I finished high school and earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in New York. After 17 years in New York, it was time to figure out where my wife and I wanted to start our family, and Greater Philadelphia fit our criteria.”

Boateng knew that his next destination must be a life sciences hub – and Greater Philadelphia is ranked among the top 10 life sciences markets in the U.S.

“When I was thinking about where to move to pursue my career, there were a couple of places that jumped out to me,” he continued. “I was looking at places that had a lot of pharmaceutical companies, like in New Jersey, but I wanted to expand my reach a little further from New York. I was glad to find out that Greater Philadelphia has a large number of pharma companies, and I even work in Spring House Innovation Park, where companies like Roquette, Merck, and Thomas Jefferson University’s Institute for Bioprocessing are all right next to each other.”

In Boateng’s current role at Roquette, a supplier of sustainably-sourced pharmaceutical ingredients, he enjoys his favorite aspect of his career: teaching.

“The work that I do has changed since I first joined the industry. I enjoy that Roquette’s Pharmaceutical Innovation Center is, first and foremost, a training facility,” he elaborated. “I enjoy this so much because it allows me to interact with our customers. Our customers come on-site, and I show them how to utilize the raw materials in the formulation they are using, as well as our Innovation Hub capabilities. It’s a mix of research and teaching people. It’s been a lot of fun.”

When Boateng isn’t training clients, he’s spending time with his family in his new home in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Boateng shared that Greater Philadelphia is the perfect place to spread his wings from New York, but still close enough to visit.

“I just had my first kid, and it’s been so great that my family can visit so easily,” said Boateng. “Philadelphia is very accessible; my mom can just take the Amtrak from New York and be right here.” 

The region’s top-notch quality of life is another highlight for the Boateng family. Boateng and his wife, Maurine Boeteng, already had a soft spot for Philadelphia since she attended school at nearby Lehigh University. For Maurine, a self-proclaimed history buff, Philadelphia’s rich history won her over. Boateng himself enjoys the proximity to snowboarding the most.

“I love the outdoors, and during the winter months, I like to snowboard,” Boateng mused. “Knowing that there’s a mountain in the region that’s actually pretty good, Blue Mountain, was a huge thing that attracted me to Greater Philadelphia.”

What’s next for Boateng outside of work? He’s looking forward to exploring the nationally-recognized regional culinary scene  – and all of the cheesesteaks and Amish food that come with it.

“During my paternity leave, my wife and I went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey, with my son. It may have been more for us than for him, but we had a great time! A couple of months after he was born, we went into the city with all my friends to see the famous Rocky statue [at the Philadelphia Museum of Art]. We, of course, did a little jog up the [Museum] steps. The region is just such a diverse cultural hub. I’m so excited to continue to explore Greater Philadelphia with my family,” he concluded.

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