Reach Technology’s Journey From England Came Through an All-American Philly Tailgate

A year ago, Jonty Ward, Chief Commercial Officer of Reach Technology Group, couldn’t pinpoint Philadelphia on a map – not that he should have been expected to. Now, thanks to the city’s local pride, no-nonsense approach, and the region’s economic and community benefits, Ward calls Greater Philadelphia home.

Greater Philadelphia Raises $2.4 Billion Across 403 VC Deals in 2023

On February 26, 2024, the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT), in conjunction with PitchBook,released its 2023 Philadelphia Venture Report. The findings portray a resilient region that remained strong despite a nationwide slowdown in VC dealmaking last year.

New PA Budget Proposal Includes $500 Million Focus on Industrial Sites

As part of his budget proposal for the state’s next fiscal year, Gov. Josh Shapiro is including an expansion of PA SITES, a program the Governor rolled out last year on a pilot basis to remedy the shortage of ready-for-business industrial spaces in Pennsylvania.

Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) Commits to Delaware With New HQ

The expansion will feature 10,864 square feet of R&D and manufacturing-focused lab areas, more than 4,216 square feet of additional new space, and the hiring of at least 38 new full-time employees.

Rowan University’s ‘Campus of the Future’ Expected to Cost $1.5 Billion

Rowan University President Ali Houshmand’s 10-year plan aims to help the South Jersey school adjust to the evolving higher education landscape. Houshmand is adamant that partnerships will be vital for Rowan’s development.

Chase Bank Pushes for Expansion Through Local Hiring

With 400 retail banking employees hired in Greater Philadelphia since 2019, Chase Bank plans to add more than 300 new jobs and 40 new branches to the region by 2027.