The Greater Philadelphia region is expected to see an increase of 1,200 tech jobs in the coming year, according to data projections from the Computing Technology Industry Association’s State of the Tech Workforce reference tool, as reported this month in the Philadelphia Inquirer. That’s validating news for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia (the Chamber), which has prioritized promoting and growing the region’s technology sector. Nikki Pumphrey, the Chamber’s Vice President, Talent and Workforce, said technology companies looking to locate or expand in the Greater Philadelphia region will benefit from the Chamber’s efforts in our burgeoning technology industry. “We are focused on supporting a diverse tech talent ecosystem by attracting talent, making sure the talent is connected to opportunity, and supporting a growing and emerging business community that is more tech-focused,” Pumphrey said.

As part of this work, the Chamber recently participated in the South by Southwest Conference & Festivals (SXSW), held March 8-16, 2024, in Austin, Texas, and is gearing up for the Greater Philadelphia region’s Philly Tech Week 2024 (PTW2024) activities, scheduled for May 3-11, 2024.

The Chamber also offers a job search tool on its Select Greater Philadelphia website, where companies and institutions – including technology leaders, consulting firms, health systems, universities, and more – can list tech job opportunities, and tech talent professionals looking to work in Greater Philadelphia can find them. (The tool also features jobs in another of the region’s leading industries – life sciences.)

“The Greater Philadelphia region has a reputation for being connected and collaborative,” Pumphrey said, “and that has been our approach to championing the growth of our technology ecosystem. You’ll see it in our participation at SXSW, PTW2024, our job search tool, and in initiatives to come, which will be informed by our partners in the tech community.”

Amplifying Philly and the Region at SXSW 2024

To take Greater Philadelphia’s tech talent attraction story to the global tech community, last month the Chamber joined Amplify Philly (where Pumphrey serves as a board member) and its notable regional sponsors including  Philadelphia International Airport (Chamber Investor), 1Philadelphia (Chamber Member), CMI Media Group, Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs (Chamber Investor), Penn Center for Innovation and Pennovation Works (Chamber Investor), University City Science Center (Chamber Investor), and Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board in spotlighting the region at SXSW.

Pumphrey and Chamber colleague Ileana Fortuño, Senior Coordinator of Talent Engagement and Programs, represented the Chamber at the PHL Experience booth at the three-day SXSW Creative Industries Expo from March 10-13, 2024, and at activities at the Amplify Philly House, which attracted tech leaders on an international scale.

“A highlight of the Amplify Philly House was the panel discussion, ‘From Hire to Inspire: Decoding Philly‘s Tech Talent Scene,’ which the Chamber presented on March 10, 2024, providing an overview of the region’s diverse tech talent ecosystem,” Fortuno said. The panel featured regional business leaders, including Danae Mobley, CEO of Coded by Kids (Chamber Member); Senzwa Ntshepe, CEO of The Connect; Christopher Wink, Publisher and CEO of; and John Pennett, Partner at Eisner Advisory Group (Chamber Member) in its National Technology and Life Sciences Group.

“SXSW was an amazing opportunity to show how we grow and promote tech talent in our region,” Mobley said. “We are ready to keep the momentum going with Philly Tech Week, a week-long series of events that demonstrate the diversity of opportunities in this industry. From community level to corporate, there is a unifying desire to make Philly a hub for equitable tech and innovation.”

Joining the Region’s Tech Community at PTW2024

Philly Tech Week, (PTW2024), hosted by news organization and tech-community convener 1Philadelphia, and presented by global tech leader Comcast, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, will be held May 3-11, 2024, gathering entrepreneurs, developers, corporate executives and anyone interested in the region’s vast tech talent footprint to celebrate the Greater Philadelphia region’s technology, innovation, and community.

To best serve the region’s technology industry at PTW2024, the Chamber will host, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce (Chamber Partner), the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Chamber Member), and Humanature, an invite-only employer session to help understand and underscore the region’s current and future tech talent needs, and to inform the work that will come from that.  The Chamber will also join 1Philadelphia, Campus Philly, and Halloran Philanthropies in hosting the “Wired Differently: 1PHL Special Edition Meetup” at Moore College of Art & Design, where attendees will hear more about what the region has to offer young tech talent.

Next Up: Discovering the Region’s Tech Talent Stories

Another tool for talent looking to work in the region is the Chamber’s “Discovery Starts with Me” video series. With a focus on Greater Philadelphia’s quality of life, the series showcases  short videos featuring local talent ambassadors sharing what they like about living and working in Greater Philadelphia. Following PTW2024, the Chamber will begin featuring the stories of talent working in technology as part of the series.

“Over the past several years, the Chamber’s ‘Discovery Starts with Me’ series has been very successful in helping us amplify stories of talent working in the region in the life sciences sector, and we will soon be showcasing talent ambassadors in technology,” Pumphrey said. “It’s just one more tool for the region’s future tech workforce to learn, network, collaborate, and connect.”

You can watch the “Discovery Starts with Me” stories on the Chamber’s YouTube channel.

If you are seeking more information about tech talent in Greater Philadelphia, please contact Nikki Pumphrey at [email protected]. To learn more about locating or expanding in Greater Philadelphia, contact James Medaglio, Director, Business Attraction and Expansion, at [email protected].