Archer Group revamps office space

Digital marketing and advertising agency Archer Group recently moved into their new 27,000 SF, multi-floor office space.

Designed by Philadelphia architecture firm, NELSON, the new space features a hidden TV lounge, ping-pong tables, a stocked bar, and glass-walled conference rooms. The office is a huge upgrade from their previous location of 15,000 SF on King Street in Wilmington, DE.

Although the company currently has around 80 employees, the new office allows for up to 140.

Archer Group CEO Mike Derins prides the company on taking an innovative, Steve Jobs-like approach to a modernized workspace that helps employees stay creative.

“This reestablishes that we’ve been successful and gives us the confidence to know that we’re going in the right direction,” he said in a Delaware Online article. “We’re a nationally-respected agency that calls Wilmington home.”

Archer Group is one of hundreds of companies, such as Curalate and SevOne, which are leading the region in innovation in the advertising and digital media space.