Collaboration between Drexel & Brandywine Realty Accelerates Growth

Drexel University and Brandywine Realty Trust will collaborate to create a 14-acre, $3.5 billion mixed-use space called Schuylkill Yards that will live in the heart of West Philadelphia’s transportation, education, and business district.

This development project, which is expected to be completed in the next 15 to 20 years, will be the largest in the city’s history and will include everything from spaces for startups and research labs to residential buildings, restaurants, and parks.

Along with bolstering the economic growth of the region, Schuylkill Yards is projected to enhance opportunities for Philadelphia residents. A strategic and integral part of the project is to provide jobs, housing, and education to the people living in the surrounding communities. published an article explaining the effects the Schuylkill Yards is projected to have on the region as a whole. This project is joining the queue of developments, designations, and events that are establishing Philadelphia as a city on the rise.

Over 60% of PA’s Best Public High Schools Located in Philadelphia Region

According to a recent Philadelphia Business Journal analysis of Pennsylvania Department of Education data, a total of 32 out of 50 of the best public high schools in PA, ranked according to SAT scores, are located in the Greater Philadelphia region.

The number one public high school in PA is Julia R. Masterman Middle and High School, located in the Spring Garden neighborhood in Philadelphia County, with an SAT average of 1993.  A total of seven of the top 10 are also located within the region, including Downingtown STEM Academy in Chester County, Harriton High School in Montgomery County, and Radnor High School in Delaware County.

The high concentration of the state’s best public high schools located within Greater Philadelphia is a testament to the excellent access to public education in the region; it fosters both economic prosperity and the growing workforce of the region, contributing to the successful future of the Greater Philadelphia region.

See further rankings of public high schools in PA on the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Philadelphia International Airport Undergoes the Largest Expansions in the U.S.

The largest new aviation program in the United States is currently underway. And, it’s happening right here in Greater Philadelphia.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is currently the 11th busiest airport in the world and the 9th busiest in the United States in aircraft operations and continues to improve, grow and expand. So, how does a growing airport hub that is a critical cog in the U.S. and global flight wheel accommodate 52 million passengers and 760,000 landings forecasted by the year 2030? The Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP).

The Federal Aviation Administration, recognizing the importance of PHL, awarded the Capacity Enhancement Program, a 13-year $5.2 billion expansion to PHL in December of 2010.

The Capacity Enhancement Project is ambitious and will create a world-class airport for metropolitan Philadelphia that will serve as a new and modern global gateway to the region, to the U.S., and to the world.

Anticipated to take 12 to 15 years to complete, the CEP includes the following major infrastructure improvements:

  • Construction of one new runway and the extension of two existing runways with associated taxiway and navigational aids improvements;
  • Reconfiguration, upgrade and expansion of the existing terminal complex in its existing location;
  • Construction of an Automated People Mover to transport people between terminals and parking facilities;
  • Construction of a new centralized ground transportation center, consolidated rental car facilities and associated parking facilities; and
  • Construction of new airport support facilities, including aircraft rescue and firefighting, new corporate hangars, a relocated and expanded fuel farm, a new supplemental deicing facility, relocation of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Control Tower, a new centralized airport maintenance facility, a new Cargo City facility and relocation of a UPS facility.

Along with expansion and improvements to the infrastructure of the airport itself, the Capacity Enhancement Program is expected to create tens of thousands of construction jobs and provide for the creation of several thousand permanent jobs as the Airport expands.

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