Delaware Innovation Space Doubles Startup Funding

Delaware Innovation Space (DIS) is now doubling down on funding for startups in its First Fund investment program. Startups are able to receive $150,000 in funding–$75,000 awarded in cash and $75,000 awarded in DIS services.

The First Fund investment program launched in March 2019 by DIS in an effort for early-stage science startups to gain access to IRL and DIS resources, such as a wet lab space with lab pods, equipment, and incubation for businesses.

DIS is a startup accelerator created in a partnership among DuPont, the University of Delaware, and the State of Delaware. Many companies have been involved in the DIS acceleration, including Prelude Therapeutics, Incyte, Napigen, and W7Energy.

Last April, DIS received $3 million from the National Development Council to continue transforming science-focused startups into leading companies. Since DIS’s evolution in 2017, the acceleration has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs and taken part in job growth throughout the state.