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Smart, Diverse Options to Grow Your Business in Greater Philadelphia

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Greater Philadelphia offers a plethora of business financing and incentive programs at both the state and county levels. Companies in our region can access tax credits, low-interest financing, grants for job training and general project costs, and much more to grow their businesses. Select Greater Philadelphia (Select) is your go-to resource for additional information about available incentive and financing programs, including those that can be deployed on a case-by-case basis. Here’s just a taste of programs typically offered for projects in Greater Philadelphia:

City of Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia’s financing and incentive options include a bevy of tax credits, business loan programs, and grants that can add much-needed cash to your company’s bottom line.

The state of Delaware provides companies with access to capital through numerous incentive and tax credit programs that aim to stimulate new business growth and job creation.

New Jersey
The state of New Jersey supports businesses of all sizes with its financing and incentive programs, which include tax credits, technical assistance, innovation and clean energy programs, and low-interest business financing.

The state of Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of programs for business assistance, ranging from workforce grant programs to tax-free zones such as Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) and Keystone Innovation Zones (KIZ).

Top: Philadelphia’s City Hall is the largest municipal building in the United States. It is home to Dilworth Park, which hosts free community events throughout the year, including a holiday market each winter.

James Medaglio, Director, Business Attraction & Expansion

James Medaglio, Director, Business Attraction & Expansion

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