Largest Employers

Fortune 500 Leaders, World-Class Universities, and Other Top Job Creators

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Greater Philadelphia’s largest employers range from higher education and healthcare powerhouses like the University of Pennsylvania and Virtua Health to private sector leaders like Comcast and AmerisourceBergen. Our region hosts 13 companies on the Fortune 500 list, in addition to countless global companies from out of town that have established operations here. That includes household names like Aramark, Johnson & Johnson, Dupont, Merck, and Rite Aid. These major employers, along with industry disruptors in our vibrant startup ecosystem, create a wealth of opportunity for job seekers and business partnerships in Greater Philadelphia across every sector.

Top: Healthcare is one of the top industries creating jobs in the region. Below slideshow images courtesy of, in part: Matt Wargo for Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania Flickr.

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