DuPont Stimulates Innovation Among Scientists, Businesses, and Customers

DuPont opened its global industrial biotech headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. The headquarters is located in their Experimental Station, Building E353, with four stories. The top floor is for executives and business professionals, and the remaining three floors are for research labs. DuPont has strategically created one place for scientists, customers, and businesspeople to stimulate innovation and communication.

“Innovation is not a department. Innovation is what we do as a company. It is the culture of the company,” said Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, DuPont in a recent Chemical Engineering News article.

The well-equipped labs provide scientists access to expensive and high-tech equipment. A number of studies are being conducted by scientists at DuPont’s Science & Innovation space:

  • Evaluating new enzymes in laundry detergents in DuPont’s screening lab.
  • Studying probiotic bacteria through an anaerobic chamber located in the building to reduce oxygen exposure.
  • Developing probiotic formulas to reduce farmer’s use of antibiotics by examining chicken gizzards from large farms.

Customers can also utilize real estate in the Experimental Station, which is where the Science & Innovation space is located.  DuPont is remodeling a previously used space into a ‘customer innovation center’ where customers can collaborate with DuPont executives and scientists.

Last fall, DuPont launched their AHEAD initiative to provide vehicle safety, performance, technology, and power solutions. DuPont is constantly growing our region’s research and innovation presence.