Four International Companies Select Philadelphia for U.S. Headquarters

Four companies based in Europe are locating their U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia within the next year.

Two of the four companies are locating here as a direct result of the Philadelphia Department of Commerce’s European trade mission in September 2016.

The companies include Italy-based Tactical Pro USA, which sells military products, France-based Clem, a car sharing interface, Germany-based LambaWerk, which is a healthcare provider, and Portugal-based Cave Digital, a software company.

These businesses chose Philadelphia over other cities for numerous reasons, including cost of doing business, location, and talent pool. Cave Digital claimed that the latter was a huge draw.

“We are always thinking long-term and the future leaders of our company are in colleges and universities,” said Joao Costa, Cave Digital’s Business Strategy Manager, in a Philadelphia Business Journal article.

The software company was initially looking at New York as their landing spot before visiting Philadelphia and deciding it was a better choice.