Inspira and Rowan award $20K to healthcare entrepreneurs

Three healthcare entrepreneurs were awarded $20,000 in seed money at the Health Hack event held in South Jersey Technology Park earlier this month.

Inspira Health Network Innovation Fund and Rowan University administered the funding after a two-day process evaluating nine different products ranging in utility from personalized medicine to disease diagnostics.

“The energy and creative forces that we witnessed at the Health Hack were the direct result of providing a venue for innovators from many disciplines to work together,” said John DiAngelo, CEO of Inspira Health Network, in a NJBIZ article. “At the opening of the event, I told the participants I was counting on them. Their creative thinking and drive to improve patient care exceeded my expectations.”

Winners of the funding included a patient transportation service that increases access to care, a portable 3-D microscope that diagnosed dermatologic issues, and a personalized treatment of gastrointestinal disease.

Greater Philadelphia is a top region for life sciences and healthcare technology, with approximately 567,000 people working in the eds and meds sector.