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Seeking a pathway to enter or level up in your industry? Contemplating a career switch? With a median household income of $74,533 (vs. $65,712 nationwide), Greater Philadelphia is a vibrant economic hub where people from around the world come to find — and create — fulfilling, well-paying jobs. From life sciences to technology and beyond, Greater Philadelphia’s diverse industries provide a multitude of opportunities to advance your career. Use our job search tool to see which employers are currently hiring in Greater Philadelphia.

Top: The Greater Philadelphia area has abundant of job opportunities for a diverse workforce with expertise in life sciences, financial services, technology, advanced manufacturing, and more.

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Life Sciences


In Greater Philadelphia, we’re in the business of saving lives and improving health outcomes through collaboration and innovation. Want to become part of this mission? Explore job opportunities in a rich ecosystem of companies, labs, and research organizations. See Jobs ›



From global technology leaders to cutting-edge startups, there are countless companies in Greater Philadelphia’s tech sector eager to employ bright talent. See for yourself. See Jobs ›

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