Local Businesses and Nonprofits Creating Opportunities in southern New Jersey

Six local nonprofits have joined to launch the Camden Works employment initiative. The goal of this initiative is to match Camden residences with full-time employment and sustainable wages to reduce the city’s unemployment and poverty rates.

“There is no shortage of talented and ambitious people in the City of Camden,” said Congressman Donald Norcross in a press release. “Many new jobs that have come to Camden are now filled by city residents. This initiative will give us the opportunity to build on that progress.”

This four-year job training and employment program will gain resident participation in an effort to boost Camden’s local economy and was developed by the State of New Jersey National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Cooper’s Ferry Partnership, Latin America Economic Development Association, Center for Family Services, Hopeworks, and Camden County Workforce Investment Board.

Camden’s economy continues to rise as more businesses invest in the southern New Jersey city. By the end of 2023, Hilton Garden Inn will open along the Camden Waterfront and JP Morgan Chase opened the first bank to open in downtown Camden in a decade. Both business expansion projects are creating economic opportunity for the community and its residents.