Local Entrepreneur Shares ‘Why Open A Startup in Philadelphia’

Startup co-founder, Andrew Hoagland, shared why he will continue to encourage other entrepreneurs to take a risk and to do it in Philadelphia.

Two years ago, Andrew and cofounder, Zach Shapiro, launched Vetd, a startup for buying and selling enterprise. While pitching to investors throughout the country, they had learned many major lessons of starting and running a startup.

According to Andrew, “The Philly tech scene has something to prove but leans more toward ‘build your colleagues and cofounders up’ than it does ‘succeed at the expense of others,’” which makes it an encouraging city to start your own business.

Andrew shared two major lessons learned from starting Vetd. First, to create a sustainable business that relies on early revenue and second, to make essential hiring choices. More importantly, Andrew shared to “never underestimate the value of your Philadelphia network for help and support.”

In 2018, Philadelphia was listed among the Top 10 Cities for Startups. Today, Philadelphia has been named one of the three U.S. cities where the cost of living is low, the talent pipeline is rich, and entrepreneurs are the youngest in the nation—a true testament to our region’s growth.