Med tech company relocates HQ to Philadelphia

Medical technology firm Proscia Inc., which currently has its headquarters in Baltimore, is moving to Philadelphia.

“We want to tap into the talent pool Philadelphia has in the technology field,” said David West, Proscia Inc.’s co-founder and CEO in a Philadelphia Business Journal article. “You have the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel, plus it’s close to a lot of pharmaceutical companies. Philadelphia is a good place to be a health care technology company.”

The company is developing technology that uses artificial intelligence that improves cancer diagnosis. It has grown from four employees since its founding to 12, a number that West hopes to double within the next year.

The platform that Proscia is developing is currently being used in over 300 labs worldwide. The move will add it to the growing list of startups in Greater Philadelphia, which was ranked as 3rd in the nation for startup hubs in 2017.