PA Governor Implements Job Creation and Professional Development Initiative

The Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, signed an executive order this past February to initiate the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center.

“Our commonwealth is on the comeback and more people are working than ever before,” said Governor Wolf. “Businesses are hiring and cannot find the trained workers to fill open jobs. And too many people are stuck in low-wage jobs without the training to advance.”

This command center will strengthen collaboration between the private and public sectors throughout Pennsylvania to fill the need for more jobs and develop skills for workforce advancement.

Governor Wolf appointed Tony Bartolomeo, CEO of Pennoni, to serve on the Executive Committee of the Command Center among two other leaders in the private sector and three cabinet secretaries.

“I look forward to getting to work with the administration and the other members of the command center on addressing the workforce challenges of the commonwealth by bringing together the public and private sectors and identifying efficient, employer-focused solutions,” said Bartolomeo.

Evolving Pennsylvania’s workforce will be one of the command center’s top priorities along with identifying barriers that may prevent workers from advancing in their career and businesses inability to find highly skilled workers.

Two years prior, Governor Wolf invested $300 million into the Port of Philadelphia. This investment was made to bring thousands of jobs to the region, grow the local economy, and position Philadelphia as a top emerging global logistics hub.