Penn launches first neuroaesthetics center in U.S.

Penn Medicine launched a research center for neuroaesthetics earlier this month, the first of its kind in the U.S.

As the field of neuroscience develops, researchers are hoping to gain deeper insight into the relationship between neurobiology and aesthetics. The center will help develop further understanding into how our aesthetic biology influences our decisions on choosing partners, how we consume, and what we find appealing in design.

“This center allows us to bring together, build upon and advance knowledge of the mysterious world of aesthetic experiences,” said neurologist Anjan Chatterjee, leader of the new center, in a Philly Voice article. “Our goal is to evolve basic and translational research, educate the next generation of scholars and serve as a hub for creative experts interested in the nature and neural basis of beauty, art, and architecture.”

The center will bring together experts in psychology, neurology, business, and architecture, among others, in order to better understand a field that has little research dedicated to it. The center will also help advance Penn Medicine’s global status; it recently ranked as a top health system in the U.S..