Philadelphia Possesses Highest Number of Qualities Millennials look for in a City

Although the majority of millennials claim that New York would be their ideal U.S. city, research suggests otherwise.

The apartment search website Abodo surveyed 2,000 millennials asking them what their ideal city would be; one out of five answered New York. They were also asked to rank 20 urban qualities on a scale of 1 to 10.

Out of all of the cities included in the survey, Philadelphia had more qualities that millennials value than any other U.S. city.

The top three qualities that were valued were a thriving job market, affordable rent, and affordable home prices. There were six other qualities that were in the survey, including walkability and quality public transportation.

Philadelphia had eight out of nine traits that millennials value the most, while New York had seven.

Factors such as affordable cost of living and excellent transportation kept 64% of college students in Philadelphia after graduation in 2015, according to Campus Philly. These qualities and more will continue to attract talented millennials to Greater Philadelphia.