PhilaPort Will Soon Be Powered By Electricity

The Port of Philadelphia received two more post-Panamax cranes in late March, with the fifth crane expected to arrive this summer.

The five cranes were manufactured by the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) and cost $12 million each.

This installation is a part of the $300 million terminal improvement project at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal. The project includes strengthening and realigning the berth, adding five operational cranes, and removing warehousing.

With the addition of the fifth crane, all diesel emissions will be removed from the Port, and the Port will run entirely on electricity.

Last August, the Port of Paulsboro, also a port in Greater Philadelphia, received $1.5 million in improvements. The project involved the installation of a new water main and brought approximately 150 jobs to the region. Renovating our region’s ports will allow for greater accessibility to national and global markets.