Philly named best place in U.S. to be a millennial

The millennial narrative is often one of financial struggles, college debt, and lack of home ownership and job stability.

A recent report by Trulia, however, paints a different, more realistic picture of millennials – one which shines a positive spotlight on Philadelphia.

Trulia examined adults ages 28 to 32 and 33 to 55, comparing the two groups on homeownership, employment, and income.  According to their findings, Philadelphia is the best places in the country to live if you’re a millennial.

“Philly is where millennials are #winning,” stated the report. “As of 2015, millennials are more likely to own homes, make more money and have jobs than their older peers in [Philadelphia].”

Although not cited in the report, factors such as low cost of living and extensive job opportunities point to early successes for millennials in Philadelphia.

Trulia isn’t the only one noticing the correlation between millennials and Philadelphia; a 2016 survey by Abodo found that out of all the cities in the country, Philadelphia had more qualities that millennials value than any other U.S. city. Factors such as high quality of life, education opportunities, and convenient location will continue to attract talented millennials to Greater Philadelphia.