PHL Airport Ranked Among Best In U.S.

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) was ranked number seven among the 15 best airports in the United States. A new report by the Points Guy, a lifestyle and travel brand, ranked the 30 busiest airports on flying factors, such as on-time flight statistics, number of passengers per lounge and restaurant, transportation costs, and more.

“Our hope is that airports will look at our reports as tools they can use to focus their resources where improvements are most needed,” Julian Kheel, editorial director at The Points Guy, told the Philadelphia Business Journal in a recent article.

The article also points out how important rankings like these are to our region’s economy, not only because the airport is often an individual’s first impression of our region, but also since the Philadelphia International Airport generates $14.4 billion in economic impact to the region and accounts for more than 141,000 jobs.

Philadelphia International Airport underwent a $30 million renovation that included new restaurants, hold rooms and iPads throughout the terminals. This renovation could be a reason why the Philadelphia International Airport earned a spot on the 15 best airports list.

Photo credit: Visit Philadelphia