Pinpoint Therapeutics Identified New Cancer Treatment Using CRISPR

The University of Pennsylvania spinout, Pinpoint Therapeutics, raised $1 million to continue to research and develop cancer treatments.

Pinpoint Therapeutics was founded in 2018 by researchers, Ravi Amaravadi and Jeffrey D. Winkler, from Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center who are commercializing their technology to create new cancer treatments.

Researchers use Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) gene editing technology to show that removing PPT1, an enzyme identified by Abramson researchers, has slowed tumor growth. CRISPR allows researchers to alter DNA and modify gene function.

“The edited cells look like they’ve been treated with a drug, and they grow significantly slower than the unedited cells,” Amaravadi said when discussing study results last year.

Pinpoint Therapeutics currently operates at the Pennovation Center and is led by Christian Peters, the President and CEO.

It was nearly eight months ago that CRISPR was approved by the FDA as a cancer treatment at the University of Pennsylvania. The gene editing technique has continued to make major breakthroughs in the health care industry.