Rowan University Reveals Millions in New Expansions

Rowan University has a new, 98,300-square-foot building dedicated entirely to the Roher College of business.

The structure, which includes classrooms, conference rooms, and administrative and faculty offices, was revealed last month. This expansion will allow the school to admit 2,000 more students as well as foster innovation in southern New Jersey through enhancing programming and allowing students to become more integrated into the business community.

“The timing couldn’t be better for this opening. We have more students applying to our business programs than ever before and there is great demand for our graduates,” says Ali Houshmand, Rowan University’s President in a press release. “This building itself is magnificent, but I am more proud of the fact that we are now able to educate more students and better serve the business community.”

The expansion of Rowan University is a reflection of the growth happening across southern New Jersey, such as Liberty Property Trust’s $1 billion mixed-use Camden Waterfront project and two Amazon fulfillment centers.