The Tri-state Ranked on Workforce, Cost of Doing Business, and More

CNBC recently released its annual America’s Top States for Business rankings, grading all 50 states on more than 60 measures of competitiveness in 10 broad categories.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware were all measured on a multitude of factors, including workforce, cost of doing business, quality of life, and more.

Pennsylvania ranked 28th in the nation with many serious strengths, including their strong venture capital funding and bank financing for small and mid-sized businesses. On the education front, Pennsylvania is home to six of the top 25 school districts in the nation.

New Jersey ranked 36th in the nation with one of the best scores in Education. The Garden State has shown to be competitive when it comes to its Access to Capital, Workforce, Quality of Life, and Technology & Innovation.

Delaware ranked 38th in the nation as it stands out with a highly ranked economy and competitiveness and has seen a rise in Quality of Life and Infrastructure since 2018.

While these rankings represent the entire state, the outcomes may not match expectations, reality, or perceptions for our regional neighborhood of northern Delaware, southern New Jersey, and southeastern Pennsylvania. Earlier last month, Select provided a detailed report on the CNBC rankings, examining each category and the state’s overall scores with key insight into our region.