Two tech companies in Delaware receive funding

The Division of Small Business, Development & Tourism provided grants to two tech companies based in Delaware.

The first, STF Technologies, is based in the University of Delaware’s STAR campus in Newark. The company develops material that changes between liquid and solid and is being used to improve NASA space suits.

Madison, WI-based TrafficCast is relocating 10 jobs and creating an estimated 58 more in Wilmington. The company provides GPS data and real-time traffic information across the U.S.

“Growth in Delaware’s economy through projects like these stems from an ecosystem created in the state,” said Linda Parkowski, acting Director of the Division of Small Business, Development & Tourism in a Delaware Business Now article. “Delaware has a business environment that encourages research and innovation and has programs in place to provide the ready space and produce a well-trained workforce for high-tech companies.”

Northern Delaware has seen significant growth in tech investment and startup development in recent years, including its ranking as 5th best state in the U.S. to start a business and the 12 new startups that came to UDel’s STAR campus in 2016.