UDel collaborates to lower drug cost

The University of Delaware is collaborating with Delaware State and Clemson University as a part of a team that received $6 million to perform research on lowering the cost of drugs that treat several debilitating diseases.

The drugs in the study currently cost several thousands of dollars; the new research is aiming to mitigate these costs in order to make the treatment less expensive for patients. According to a Delaware Business Now article, the project is called “Advanced Biomanufacturing: Catalyzing Improved Host Development and High Quality Medicines through Genome to Phenome Predictions.

“This project will help us address the challenges we face in making these medicines more widely available, which could prove transformational for thousands of patients,” said Kelvin Lee, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Delaware in Clemson’s press release.

Other colleges across the region such as Temple University are making strides in medicine that have national and global implications.