What You Don’t Know About Greater Philadelphia!

Our 11-county region is overflowing with facts and figures that distinguish our community as a great place to establish and grow a business, as well as to live, work, play, create, innovate, dine and raise a family.  For example, Philadelphia is attracting more millennials than any of the top 30 cities in the country; Chester County is the mushroom capital of the world; our region has 103 colleges and universities, and more than 1,000 public and private primary and secondary schools – with many that are top-ranked.  These are just a few of the amazing facts that help drive economic growth across northern Delaware, southern New Jersey, and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Learn more about these and other characteristics that make our home so special by inviting Select Greater Philadelphia to present at your staff meeting, business event or industry association gathering.  When you do, you’ll help us engage more of our friends, neighbors and colleagues from across our business and civic community to be informal ambassadors for Greater Philadelphia.  We’ll provide the facts, you provide the audience.  Select’s action-packed presentation highlights the many drivers of our vibrant ecosystem, and offers a series of “fun facts” that make our community such a special place.

Please help us to create more ambassadors who can incorporate the messages of Greater Philadelphia’s positivity and growth into their everyday nomenclature, helping to reach audiences in all industry sectors and corners of the globe.  Contact Select’s Maricela Juarez at 215-790-3653 or [email protected] to set a time for a Select Greater Philadelphia team member to join your next staff meeting, association gathering, or lunch-n-learn session.  You’ll be surprised to learn “What You Don’t Know About Greater Philadelphia!”