Wilmington, DE Status as Fintech Hub Strengthens

M&T Bank announced adding 200 technology positions in Wilmington, DE, which will reinforce Wilmington’s status as a financial tech “fintech” hub.

M&T will hire 1,200 software engineers, web developers, and a variety of other digital positions in the next few years. One thousand jobs will be located at their headquarters in Buffalo, NY and the remaining 200 positions will be located in Wilmington.

“We want M&T to be a compelling destination for talented, innovative, tech-savvy, people,” said M&T’s chief information officer Michael Wisler. “We’re also doing more to support our local colleges and universities, as well as the startup community, which help make our communities destinations for people seeking opportunity.”

In addition, M&T has nearly 2,000 open positions in retail and business banking, commercial lending, corporate operations, and in their Wilmington Trust’s Institutional Client Services and Wealth Management divisions.

The first 250 tech positions are expected to be filled by the end of the year.

An online lender, Marlette Funding, recently announced adding 250 tech jobs right outside of Wilmington. Delaware’s financial tech sector continues to evolve as a fintech hub and adds to the growth of our region’s workforce.