Wilmington University Introduces Bradywine Campus

Wilmington University opened their new Brandywine Campus with the first Criminal Justice Institute of its kind in the mid-Atlantic. This $29.8 million development project coincided with the University’s 50th anniversary. The new single-structure campus will offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level degree’s with the capacity for 1,000 students a day.

The University was able to tailor the new space to their specific needs with 21 classrooms, six labs, including a science lab for their new biology program, and a focus on energy efficiency.

“For 18 months, you look at drawings and blueprints. Then the walls go up, furniture is moved in, offices take shape, lab equipment comes in, and you take a deep breath, sit back and you’re amazed. Then you think, ‘Look at what we’ve accomplished and what we’re going to be able to do for students’,” said Dr. Erin DiMarco, Senior VP and COO for Wilmington University.

The Bradywine Campus is one of six Wilmington University locations. In the past decade, Wilmington University has had a sixty-percent increase in student population due to these expansions.

Transformation projects have been taking place throughout Northern Delaware. The College Square Shopping Center in Newark, DE was recently renovated into retail shops, restaurants, and apartment complexes, which is in close proximity to Wilmington University campuses.